The production of promotional musical CDs for companies, on request
In 1997, the concert activities of the agency were extended to recording and publishing work. As a result of this, a unique CD was released, entitled "Songs and Duets" by Antonín Dvořák, presenting the lyrical works of Dvořák (Moravian duets, op. 32, Four duets, op 38, Gypsy melodies, op 55) delivered by two female voices: soprano Eva Dřízgová - Jirušová, and mezzo-soprano Jitka Zerhauová) with a piano accompaniment (Radoslav Kvapil).
Musical CD
We offer you the chance to order this CD for the purpose of promoting your company for a wide range of occasions.
Upon request, we can place your company logo on the front and back pages of the CD, and in addition to this, we can provide advertising space on the inside of the inserted brochure.
Samples from the CD: