Soloist for the Opera Company at the Brno National Theatre, completed her operatic training at the Janacek Academy of Musical Arts (under professor Jarmila Kratka) in 1981. During her period of study, she made featured-guest appearances in several operatic performances. She also appeared in concerts, and won a number vocal competitions.
Upon graduating in 1981, Mrs. Zerhauova was immediately contracted to work for the South Bohemian Theatre in Ceske Budejovice. In 1982, she was hired as a soloist by the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava. She has continued to sing with the Slovak National Theatre, and with the National Theatre in Prague, although since 1983 most of her work has been with the Brno Theatre´s Opera Company. Mrs. Zerhauova´s solo work includes some of the most demanding pieces in the Company´s repertoire. She is often called upon to play title roles in compositions from all periods - barogue to modern musical drama. Jitka Zerhauova´s concert performances include whole solo recitals, as well as the delivery of solo alto lines in cantatas and oratorios. She has also taken part in radio and television productions, and recording projects.
Her talents have been recognized at a number of international competitions. She received Honorable Mention at the 1986 Prague Spring Competition. She was a finalist at the 32nd Concours Internationale de Chant in Tolouse (1986), at the P. I . Cajkovskij International Interpretive Competition in Moscow (1986), and in the Vienna Song Competition in 1988. Mrs. Zerhauova also had great success at the 1988 European Finals of the Pavarotti Competition in Modena.
Jitka Zerhauova has made guest appearances in Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Greece, France, Spain, Bulgarie and Russia. She has sung on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, at the National Opera in Sofia, in operatic performances in Vilnius, Ovide, Florence, Luxemburg, Ludwigshafen, and other major European cities.