This project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant agreement No 75486.

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Selected environmental test - according of DO-160G

Prototype of ECU for 4-6 cylinder diesel engine - EDEC - 100% of system and functional test applied.

Bellow listed tests according of DO-160G was provide:

Section 4    - Temperature and Altitude
Section 5    - Temperature variation
Section 7    - Operation shocks and Crash safety
Section 8    - Vibration
Section 16    - Power input
Section 17    - Voltage spike
Section 19    - Inducted signal susceptibility
Section 20    - Radio frequency susceptibility
Section 21    - Emission of radio frequency energy
Section 22    - Lighting inducted transient susceptibility

Post test Summary preparation and finalization of project.


Functional and system testing - EDEC project

Prototype of ECU for 4-6 cylinder diesel engine - EDEC - is under functional and system testing.
85 % of testing sequences are completed - prepared for verification.
20 % of testing sequences are verified.

Preparation for selected DO160G test - fixtures and measuring equipment.

Safety and Reliability Assessment of Preliminary System Architecture (includes FTA and FMEA) - prepared by team of Brno University of Technology - is already reviewed by UNIS and final version of document is ongoing.


Full assembly of prototype - EDEC project

Complete assembly of EDEC housing includes PCB SAF4, SAF6 and connectors.
Also TPR testing board ENII for coming HIL tests is ready.

Actually we are generating Test Procedures for system and functional tests.
Draft of FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) prepared by BUT is ready for first common review by UNIS team.


Production of prototypes - EDEC project

Despite of serious trouble with availability of specific electronic components on global market we successfully finished production of electronic boards for ECU EDEC:
  • PCB SAF 4 (covering 4 cylinder version of diesel engine)
  • PCB SAF 6 (covering 6 cylinder option)
  • PCB ENII (covering TPR for testing)

Also final housing of ECU is produced and prepared for assembly.

Actually we are preparing all necessary for DO-160G test and finishing Safety and reliability assessment.
In the same time we are under of controlling and starting up of electronic board, preparing for HIL tests (HW In the Loop).


CDR meeting of EDEC project

CDR meeting (Critical Design Review) of EDEC project took place in France - Moissy-Cramayel, Snecma - Villaroche plant, at February, 19th and 20th 2018. It is part of official project delivery D2.2 and D2.3
On the beginning of meeting we reviewed rest of open points from PDR meeting and successfully close this development phase.
The main goal was to review and present detailed HW and SW design and functions. Including detailed review schematics and PCBs (SAF 4 and SAF6).
We presented also results of FHA and risk assessment analysis prepared by our consortium partner from BUT Brno.
There was generated Action plan with 40 tasks addressed to both main partners - UNIS and Safran AE. Only one critical point was found during review - with high priority to resolve.
Representatives of UNIS and BUT had also opportunity to visit official Safran technical museum mapping long history of aviation and associated industry in France.


PDR meeting of EDEC project

PDR meeting (Preliminary Design Review) of EDEC project took place in France - Moissy-Cramayel, Snecma - Villaroche plant, at February, 14th and 15th 2018. It is part of official delivery D2.1
We focused mainly on existing documents - System requirements and Preliminary system architecture. The point was to review details, not defined parts and agree together on next direction of development.
We generated Action plan with 59 points to resolve divided into 3 category of criticality: Critical, Major and Normal. Only one critical point was discover during review.
Representatives of UNIS had also possibility to visit production and development facilities of Safran AE and see prototype of new 6-cylinder diesel engine.


Kick-off meeting of EDEC project

Kick-off meeting of EDEC project took place in Brno at June, 7th and 8th 2017. Apart from both project partners, the meeting hosted also representatives of SAFRAN SMA (topic leader for CleanSky2 WP7 activity, and user of project results). Discussed technical issues included definition of engine parameters/ design as major input for design of engine control unit. Tight schedule of the project was also widely discussed. Representatives of SAFRAN SMA had also possibility to visit premises of UNIS and BUT.