International Engineering Fair Brno 2019

The company UNIS participate in the 61st International Engineering Fair in Brno, Czech Republic, which tаkе place from 07th to 11th October 2019.

The exposition will cover all our activities mainly the full range of engineering services related to high-investment equipment (EPC/EPC-M), design and application of process control focus on the petrochemical, oil refining and power generation industries. Production of electronics for aircraft and automotive industry, high-power electronics, manufacturing execution system MES PHARIS, Test laboratory and IoT.

Come and visit our presentation at Pavilion V, booth 086, you are cordially welcomed...

MAKS 2019

From 27th August to 1st September 2019, UNIS participated in the International Exhibition of Aerospace Technology MAKS 2019 in Moscow within the stand of the Czech Republic with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

UNIS introduced its Aviation Division, which is engaged in the development and manufacture of high quality equipment of the highest technological level, which are used in aviation.

Except existing deliveries for smaller PBS Velká Bíteš jet engines UNIS is newly involved in the development of control units for large aircraft engines. UNIS has been working on modernizing the control unit of the Ukrainian Ruslan aircraft, one of the largest transport aircraft in the world. In the category of smaller engines, the cooperation between Czech companies PBS Velká Bíteš and UNIS is behind the unique overflight of the English Channel by French inventor Frankie Zapata.

This year's MAKS was visited by almost 579 thousand visitors. The number of business and professional guests reached 143.5 thousand. According to the organizers, more than 120 official delegations arrived at the aerocosmic salon. 827 exhibiting companies from 33 countries presented themselves at MAKS.

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to another opportunity for a meeting.
Atmospheric Distillation Unit AT-8

In 2006, the company UNIS started a significant project of atmospheric distillation AT-8 in Byelorussia, the client being the company OAO Naftan Novopolotsk. The company UNIS holds the position of the technology designer and it arranges detail design documentation in all the professions except building, supplies of equipment and start-up. The project consists of the following main units...
Atmospheric Distillation Unit AT-1

In 2007, the company UNIS obtained an important project of atmospheric distillation in Russia, the client being the company OOO Yenisey in the town of Usinsk, the Republic of Komi. UNIS holds the position of the designer and arranges supply of equipment, erection and start-up. The project consists of 2 main units:
  • The main process unit of atmospheric distillation AT-1 with the capacity of 1,3 mil. ton / year, which is the technological centre of the whole complex...
Enhancing Gasoline Production Project

The company UNIS successfully finished the important project in Iraq, the client was the Iraq state company SCOP. It was the project „Enhancing gasoline production“ in the Basrah refining plant. UNIS played the role of a general contractor, it prepares cold tests and complex start up. The project consists of the following units...
Delay Coker Unit

In 2012 there continued the project works on delay coker unit for the company OAO Naftan Novopolock. UNIS arranges for the licensor of the technologies – the company Foster Wheeler Iberia and its co-operating sub-contractor Duro Felguera – localisation of the whole project documentation for Belarus standards and internal regulations of the client, including complete processing of auxiliary units. UNIS also participates in the design in professions of I&C and Electro and within the scope of supporting engineering services there are detailed the elements of steel structures directly on the construction site, in compliance with requirements of the end user...
Reconstruction of Hydrocrack Complex

The reconstruction of Hydrocrack Complex in the OAO Naftan refinery in Belarus continues the first phase, realized in 2002 – 2004. UNIS took the position of the general designer in co-operation with Koch-Glitsch and the company Gicotechnica. The order was realized on the basis of the UOP licence. The second phase should increase the capacity of the hydrocrack in 25%...
Hydrogenation, Reforming and Isomeration Unit

For the Antipinskyi NPZ in Russia there was processed the Detail Design documentation in full range for combined unit for production of high-octane petrol with capacity 11,5 thous. BPSD, consisting of individual parts of hydrogenation, isomeration PENEX, reforming, continuous regeneration of catalyser and auxiliary systems. The unit has been realised on the basis of the licence UOP...
Reconstruction of I&C, Control System and a Part of the Electro Boiler House

The project related to reconstruction of the total number of 5 HRSG (Heat recovery steam generator) in the aluminium plant Dubal in Dubai, with one boiler capacity of 240 MT of medium-pressure steam per hour. After commissioning the first phase, the general contractor Babcock Bilfinger Cz s.r.o. enforced options...