Selection of Realised Projects in
Complex Supplies of Capital

(Organized chronologically from the newest projects)


The order of Unit for removing mercaptans from liquefied gases of DCU (MEROX)

for the OAO Naftan refinery, Byelorussia includes processing of the implementation project documentation (Basic Design and Detail Design), equipment delivery, chief assembly and commissioning / putting into operation. The order is executed under the UOP license. In 2019, a detailed specification, purchase and delivery of equipment for the entire unit is planned. Start of construction and assembly work in the second half of 2019. Completion of assembly, testing and commissioning is expected in early 2020.

Offsites for Delayed Coker Unit

of OAO Naftan refinery, Byelorussia includes delivery of equipment, processing of technical documentation of the supplied equipment, technical assessment and technical evaluation of the delivered equipment, chief assembly of the delivered equipment and participation in commissioning. The company UNIS also arranged obtaining of export financing for the project. Start of construction and assembly work in 2019. Completion of assembly works and commissioning is also expected in 2020.

Vacuum Distillation Unit

for the Iraq private company Rania International Group of Kirkuk. The company UNIS processed the project documentation on the Detail Design level for the vacuum distillation unit with the capacity of 10 000 BPSD, including storage park and units for auxiliary media production (steam, air, water treatment, etc.). The design works was finished 2019. The works included processing of inquiry acquisitions for ordering the equipment, including co-operation in assessment of contractors.

Complete Reconstruction of the Amine Unit Dry Gas and Reflux

for the OAO Naftan refinery, Byelorussia, includes supply of equipment, processing of technical documentation of the supplied equipment, main assemblage and commissioning. In 2015, UNIS performed a detailed specification and purchase of equipment for the unit and arranged obtaining of the export financing for the project. The construction and assemblage works were start in 2017. It is expected for the assemblage works to be finished in 2020.

Reconstruction of Hydrocrack Complex

was implemented for the refinery OAO Naftan, Byelorussia in 2002 – 2004. UNIS took the position of the general designer in co-operation with Koch-Glitsch and the company Gicotechnica. The order was realized on the basis of the UOP licence. The second phase should increase the capacity of the hydrocrack in 25%. The company UNIS is in the position of a general contractor and designer now, there is performed engineering research and inspection, there is processed the technical solution and project documentation. The purchase and supply of equipment has already started. The construction and installation work will begin in 2019, during which UNIS will carry out the chief assembly, testing and commissioning assistance. The project requested support in obtaining the export financing and it will be completed in 2020 (according to the valid schedule).

Project of Delay Coker Unit

for the refinery OAO Naftan, Belarus included the design works, localisation of the whole design documentation for Byelorussia standards and internal regulations of the client, including complete processing of auxiliary units, project of telecommunication and assessment of offers for HVAC and field instrumentation and simultaneously there were handed over all and any drawings related to electro parts for the licensor of the technologies – the company Foster Wheeler Iberia and its co-operating sub-contractor Duro Felguera. Within the scope of supporting engineering services there are detailed the elements of steel structures directly on the construction site, in compliance with requirements of the end user. The order continues by assessment of offers for the equipment for Fire Fighting System and Fire Detection System according to design documentation. The project is planned to be finished in 2020.

Combined unit of high octane gasoline production

for the refinery Antipinsk in Russia there was processed the Detail Design documentation in full range for combined unit for production of high-octane petrol with capacity 500 thousand ton per year, consisting of individual parts of hydrogenation, isomeration PENEX, reforming, continuous regeneration of catalyser and auxiliary systems. The unit has been realised on the basis of the licence UOP. In compliance with concluded contract for technical support of purchase of clients, the company UNIS processed the demand documentation of technological equipment and assessed the offers of equipment manufacturers. The project was finished in 2018.

Atmospheric Distillation Unit AT-8

In 2006, the company UNIS started a significant project of atmospheric distillation AT-8 in Byelorussia, the client being the company OAO Naftan Novopolotsk.
The company UNIS held the position of the technology designer, elaborated detail design documentation in all the professions, supplied of equipment and arranged start-up (EPCM).
The project consisted of the following main units: Primary atmospheric distillation, Stabilisation and consequent distillation, Gas fractionalisation, Iso-pentane separation.
The basic aims included mainly arrangement of stability of supplies for products during necessary service shut-downs, when – thanks to the realisation of the project of AT-8 modernisation and consequently also the vacuum block at AVT-2 – it was possible to perform the works in much more efficient way, without impact on processing capacities of the plant.
After reconstruction, the capacity of the unit is 6,5 million ton per year, while in the Unit of stabilisation and consequent distillation, there is processed on extra basis 1,2 million ton per year of petrol from other units of the plant.
UNIS supported obtaining of export financing. In 2016 the unit passed the tests. Commissioning was performed in December 2017. It is expected for works in section

Reconstruction of I&C, Control System and a Part of the Electro Boiler House

related to the total number of 5 HRSG (Heat recovery steam generator) in the aluminium plant Dubal in Dubai, with one boiler capacity of 240 MT of medium-pressure steam per hour.
The reconstruction was divided into 3 phases, when each phase included processing of project documentation, supplies, assemblage and commissioning of the new control system and electro equipment for in total five boilers for waste heat and the common part of technology (feeding water). All the phases were finished in 2017.

Enhancing Gasoline Production Project

for the refinery Basrah in Iraq. The company UNIS successfully finished the important project, the client was the Iraq state company SCOP. UNIS played the role of a general contractor.

The project consisted of the following units:
  • Hydrotreating Complex,
  • Reforming Unit,
  • Cooling Water Unit,
  • Flaire system.
The units of raw petrol desulphurisation and reforming are performed on the basis of a licence of the French company Axens. The capacity of the reforming unit is 450 thousand ton per year. Regardless complicated situation in the place of realization, the project started in June 2005. Consequently, there was approved the initial and implementation project and the supplied equipment was dispatched to the construction site. All units were started up in June 2015, these units work in standard mode now according to customer requirements.

Hydrotreating Complex

In the year 2006 firm UNIS obtained an important project Hydro-treating Complex in the Ukraine, the client being the company Neftechimik Prikarpatija in Nadvirna.
UNIS plays the role of a general designer and it closely co-operates with the companies KG Process Innovations spol. s r.o. , Cheteng spol. s r.o. and TKB Kovoprojekta Brno a.s.
The project consists of four units:
  • Hydrogen Desulphurization Unit,
  • Sulphur Recovery Unit,
  • Amine Treating Unit (MEA),
  • Sour Water Stripper.
Hydrogenation desulphurisation unit is performed on the basis of a licence of the American company UOP, the sulphur production unit is licensed by the company Jacobs. The capacity of the desulphurisation unit is 1,5 million ton per year. The project started in August 2006, now being in the detail design stage – it has been interrupted. In 2010, the company UNIS succeeded to take over the project in full and to re-start it from the position of a general contractor. Unfortunately, the project was hold up again in 2012.
The Isomerisation unit in the Baiji refinery, Iraq, being finished within the consortium of companies Technoexport, Chemoprojekt and UNIS, where UNIS arranges design documentation and supplies for the parts of Instrumentation & Control system and Electrical parts. The assemblage was finished and the unit started in 2011. In the course of the year 2012 the warranty period run without any problems.
Two units of atmospheric distillation with capacity of 3 million ton per year in the Daura refinery and in Basrah refinery, Iraq, finalised together with the company Prokop Enginnering, where UNIS arranged design documentation and supplies for the parts of Instrumentation & Control system and Electrical parts. Successful start up of the unit in Daura was performed in the end of the year 2010 and the second unit start up in Basrah was performed in the end of the year 2011.

Atmospheric Distillation Unit AT-1

In 2007, the company UNIS obtained an important project of atmospheric distillation in Russia, the client being the company OOO Yenisey in the town of Usinsk, the Republic of Komi. UNIS holds the position of the designer and arranges supply of equipment, erection and start-up.
The project consists of 2 main units:
  • The main process unit of atmospheric distillation AT-1 with the capacity of 1,3 million ton per year, which is the technological centre of the whole complex,
  • Block boiler house consisting of four boilers with output of 4x 8 ton of steam per hour.
The special feature of the project included nearly limit climatic conditions in the place of realisation, as the town of Usinsk is located in the distance of only 50 km from the North Arctic Circle. The realization was successfully finished in August 2011. In 2012 there was processed the basic design of intensification and basic design of the new distillation unit with the capacity of 2 million ton per year.


Selection of Realised Projects in Technological Control Systems

Pharmacy and special chemistry

TEVA Pharmaceuticals CR s.r.o., Opava
Production of cyclosporin
Fermentation of mycelium
Natural drug extraction
Vacuum belt dryer
Erba Lachema s.r.o., Brno
Production of CTS API
Turbine control
LabGuard validation
Validation of VZT on the tablet pavilion
Farmak a.s., Olomouc
Production of non-sterile APIs on object 33
Adjusting the heating / cooling circuit
Control system for production units
Control of solvent dosing in PJ20.01,03
Fresenius Hemocare CZ s.r.o., Hořátev
Manufacture of infusion solutions
Baxter BioScience s.r.o., Bohumil
Production of vaccines
MS Odra Gaz spol. s r.o., Vratimov
Validation of the cylinder filling system
VUAB Pharma a.s., Roztoky u Prahy
Validation of Nystatin production control systems
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