Vacuum distillation unit

The Iraqi Oil Ministry signed a contract with Rania International Company in 2018 to build oil refinery with capacity a 70,000 barrel per day north of the city of Kirkuk.

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Kirkuk refinery

Rania International, a company based in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan, has delivered and built a refinery that produces high-octane gasoline and other petroleum products. Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi said, "The construction of the refinery represents the first investment in the refining sector in the region. The production of sufficient quantities of petroleum derivatives will cover all the needs in Kirkuk and the surrounding provinces."


UNIS was involved in this project by preparing the documentation at the Detail Design stage for a vacuum distillation unit with a capacity of 13,000 BPSD including a storage park and units for the production of auxiliary media (steam, air, water treatment, etc.).

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The work included the preparation of request for proposal requisitions for the ordering of equipment, including collaboration in the evaluation of suppliers. Completion and handover of the design documentation took place in 2019.