During the development of UNIS, many entities have been established or acquired, which to date form an interconnected, functioning whole. The structure consists mainly of our subsidiaries, which contribute to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, but also of branches and subsidiaries, without which the foreign projects would not have happened at all. Last but not least, it is our innovative approach in the development of small start-up companies, where we participate in the development of new technologies and help these Czech companies to establish themselves on the global market.

Organisation structure

Our subsidiary UNIS Power s.r.o. focuses on the energy sector, was established as an acquisition of the former branch of Bilfinger Babcock CZ s.r.o. in Brno, which UNIS, a.s. had actively co-operated with for many years.

PHARIS, s.r.o. as a long-standing area of UNIS was spun off as a separate business entity in 2023. The main product offered is still a manufacturing execution system for simplifying, streamlining and clarifying production processes in large manufacturing companies and smaller enterprises.

UNIS SLOVENSKO, spol. s r.o., as one of the first established subsidiaries abroad, covers our activities in Slovakia and contributes greatly to the successful implementation of orders in Iraq.

The European company UNIS International, SE assists in the implementation of foreign projects.

Subsidiary company UNIS PUBLISHING spol. s r.o. secure real estate investments, facility management and stable environment not only for all the subsidiary companies, but also for enterprises outside of the group.

The Portugal subsidiary UNIS Marketing Consultancy of Economic Comercial, Lda is conducting market research in this location and the southern parts of the EU.

The Slovak subsidiary company LAVIMONT INTERNATIONAL, s.r.o. provides support for supplies of equipment and works in capital construction.

The share-owned Network Security Monitoring Cluster performs research and development in the field of monitoring and protection of computer networks.

All these business units together with the parent base in the Czech Republic form the company UNIS, a.s., which belongs to the parent company UNIS Capital a.s.

UNIS Capital owns UNIS ECOLINE s.r.o., UNIS Projekt s.r.o. and ownership shares in companies such as LISA TECH a.s., ООО "НефтеСтройИнжиниринг", as well as UNIS Oil s.r.o., UNIS COMPUTERS, a.s., Data Fly a.s. and Malá Šárka, a.s.