UNIS POWER is a major supplier of turnkey solutions and additional services to the energy industry. It provides flexible delivery of new power plant complexes as an EPC contractor, but also handles engineering and design subcontracts.


The subsidiary UNIS Power was established in 2017 by taking over the original Brno branch of Bilfinger Babcock CZ, with which UNIS had actively cooperated for many years.

It offers expertise in project management, time management, logistics, quality management, documentation control, assembly, commissioning and training of operations personnel. Structured financing is provided together with the Czech state insurance company EGAP (Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation) as pre-investment customer support.

The main products are boilers. Over the course of its history, UNIS Power has developed its own unique boiler solutions for a wide range of customer applications. The boilers use various combustion technologies such as fluid bed, grate or conventional pulverised coal, oil or gas burner. Boilers are designed by experts for a wide range of fuels including biomass, coal, various gases including waste gases, as well as oils and other specialty liquid fuels.

UNIS Power's results represent technical excellence and total adaptation to the client's requirements from the technical study to the final delivery and installation. Lifetime maintenance including warranty service, testing and diagnostic services are an integral part of the customer service.

UNIS Power, s.r.o.

Sochorova 3232/34
616 00 Brno - Žabovřesky
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 545 104 040
Fax: +420 545 104 198

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