MES PHARIS is not ERP! PHARIS is a modular manufacturing information system. It is a full-featured manufacturing information system for Capacity Planning and Production Scheduling, Production Control, Maintenance Control, Production Logistics Control, Kanban including machine data collection.


MES PHARIS covers the needs of production from the moment of issuing of work order to warehousing of final product.

It provides continuous monitoring, control and evaluation of production in real time, data collection from technological equipment (injection molding machines, CNC machines, assembly lines, additional equipment - drying equipment, tempering devices, control stations) and long-term storage of all accompanying information. These data are then used for analysing of production in order to continuously increase the efficiency of production and profitability of manufacturing companies.

Komplexní řízení výroby pomocí MESComprehensive MES/MOM solution - modular and dynamic system
Optimalizace a trasovatelnost výroby pomocí MESOptimisation and traceability of production processes
Zvýšení efektivity výrobySystem for increasing profitability and production efficiency
Podpora automotive standardu IATF 16949Reflects IATF 161649 automotive standards
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