Delayed coking unit (DCU)

This is a unique project for the whole of Belarus. The coking process from heavy vacuum residues allows to obtain valuable raw materials - fractions for the production of low-sulphur gasoline and diesel fuel, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, elemental sulphur and petroleum coke.

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End user:
Naftan refinery
Novopolotsk, Belarus

Naftan has invested more than US $1 billion in upgrading the entire delayed coking complex. The entire complex is a chain of technologically interconnected production facilities. In addition to the DCU, it includes a unit for the production of elemental sulfur with a capacity of 103 tons of technical sulfur per day, a gas separation station for the production of nitrogen with a purity of 99.96%, a storage tank for light vacuum gas oil and gasoline, a pumping station, a transformer station, a bitumen tank for the storage of tar and other petroleum products, a gasoline unit, a MEROX unit. Some of these have already been commissioned.


UNIS provided the design work for this unit, localization of the entire design documentation to Belarusian standards and the client's internal rules, including the complete processing of auxiliary operations, telecommunication project and evaluation of bids for HVAC and field instrumentation, at the same time all drawings related to the electrical part were handed over to the technology licensor Foster Wheeler Iberia and its cooperating subcontractor Duro Felguera. As part of the supporting engineering services, the steelwork elements were detailed on site according to the end customer's requirements. The contract continued with the evaluation of the bids for the Fire Fighting System and Fire Detection System equipment as per the design documents.

The unit was launched at the end of 2021.

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