Atmospheric distillation unit AT-1

In 2007, UNIS was awarded an important atmospheric distillation project in Russia, where the customer was Yenisei. The refinery is located 60 kilometres northeast of the oil-producing town of Usinsk in the Russian Autonomous Republic of Komi.

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End user:
Enisey, Usinsk, Russia

The project consisted of 2 main units:

  • The AT-1 atmospheric distillation unit with a capacity of 1.3 million tonnes/year, which is the technological centre of the entire complex. The plant produces approximately 197 thousand tonnes of gasoline, 366 thousand tonnes of diesel and 424 thousand tonnes of fuel oil per year.
  • The block boiler house consists of four boilers with a capacity of 4x 8 tonnes of steam per hour.


UNIS acted as designer and provided equipment supply, installation, supervision and commissioning, including the construction of the boiler house and residential complex.

A special feature of the project was the almost limiting climatic conditions at the site, as Usinsk is located only 50 km from the Arctic Circle. The guaranteed temperature of the delivered equipment is minus 53 °C at which the refinery operates at 100 per cent.

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Another challenge was transporting of the equipment and materials to their destination. The absence of a road from Moscow to Usinsk contributed to the fact that the vast majority of the equipment travelled by truck to Moscow, then by rail to Usinsk. Here the equipment was again transferred to trucks, which had already transported it to the construction site.

The implementation was successfully completed with commissioning in August 2011. UNIS secured export financing. In 2012, the basic design of the intensification and the basic design of the new distillation unit with a capacity of 2 million tonnes/year were developed.