Reconstruction of 5 boilers with heat recovery with water and steam system

The project involved the refurbishment of 5 (F9BE) heat recovery boilers with a water and steam system (HRSG) at the Jebel Ali power plant (2,350 MW) of end customer Dubal Aluminium in Dubai, UAE.

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End user:
Dubal Aluminium
Dubai, UAE


UNIS acted as a subcontractor for the general contractor Deutsche Babcock and the consortium of partners Bilfinger Babcock CZ (today's UNIS Power). The main activity was the preparation of design documentation in the areas of I&C, electrical parts, including the supply of equipment and materials, and mediation of the replacement of the control system (DCS) with installation, testing and assistance in commissioning.


The main objective of the project was to increase the capacity of the 5 boilers (HRSG) by 24% from the value of 180 t/h of steam per boiler. This has been achieved, with the capacity of one boiler reaching 228 tonnes of medium pressure steam per hour after reconstruction. At the same time, harmful emissions released into the air were reduced to support the environment. The noise level was effectively reduced to 85 dBA and the entire plant was equipped with energy efficient lighting based on the LED technology.

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All work on the site took place during the 42 calendar day shutdown. During this time, the old units had to be demolished and new units built, the new equipment refurbished and tested, and the commissioning of entire the unit. The main challenge of the project was that the operation of the other units in operation was not interrupted. All piping and electrical equipment was pre-prepared with minimal interruption when connecting to the special bypass.

The entire project was completed in 2017.