Complete implementation of the hydrocarbon gas desulphurisation unit

The commissioning of the delayed coking unit has increased the gas production of the entire plant, which needs to be cleaned. The “Desulphurisation unit” is one of the strategic processes of the Naftan refinery.

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End user:
Naftan refinery
Novopolotsk, Belarus

A total of 38 pieces of equipment were installed on the reconstructed "Desulphurisation" unit. A survey and technical inspection of 18 pressure vessels was carried out.

The unit is capable of removing hydrogen sulphide from more than 285 thousand tons of gaseous hydrocarbon (from the original 50 thousand tons).

A total of 340 tons of piping was laid, approximately the same amount of metalwork was installed. Civil works have been completed and pumps and solenoid and electric valves have been installed. The heating and ventilation systems and all electrical equipment were comprehensively tested and commissioned. The unit has undergone an initial inspection procedure, which is being handled by the plant's material and technical support.

A completely new control room has been built on site to meet modern industrial safety requirements. An automated process control system increases control over all the unit's equipment.


As part of the complete implementation of the hydrocarbon gas desulphurization unit for the Naftan Refinery, UNIS carried out detailed specification and purchase of the equipment, completed the deliveries including the accompanying technical documentation of the delivered equipment and performed the supervision.

UNIS also provided export financing. In 2017, construction and assembly works were started. In early 2020, these works were completed and the unit was successfully commissioned.