HTRI thermal and hydraulic calculations of heat exchangers

By the purchase of the HTRI® Xchanger Suite® software in 2015, UNIS a.s. has become a partner to HTRI, the global leader in process heat transfer technology, research, software, and services. The employment of the software enables us to offer thermal and hydraulic calculations of heat exchangers using the most advanced tool currently available.

1. HTRI® Xchanger Suite® 7.2

  • The latest version of highly appreciated, fully professional computational tool, focused exclusively on designing heat transfer equipment (heat exchangers, fired heaters etc.)
  • Extensive support provided by HTRI, creator of the software, inluding provision of continuously acquired knowledge based on operation of equipment designed by the software, and opportunities to consult experienced specialists
  • Complex thermal‑hydraulic calculations using continuously updated computational correlations based mostly on HTRI’s own proprietary experimental data and long‑term experience
  • Fully incremental calculations based on local thermal and hydraulic conditions, resulting in high accuracy
  • Extensive fluid physical property database

2. What we can do using HTRI® Xchanger Suite®

  • Perform complex thermal and hydraulic design, rating and simulation calculations of shell and tube heat exchangers of various configurations, including heat exchangers accomodating two‑phase flow, condensers and reboilers
  • Implement elemental measures to reduce the danger of possible development of flow‑induced vibrations within shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Perform thermal and hydraulic design, rating and simulation calculations of air coolers of classical construction with forced and/or induced draft, including condensers
  • Perform thermal and hydraulic design, rating and simulation calculations of hairpin and double pipe heat exchangers
  • Perform elemental thermal and hydraulic calculations of plate and frame heat exchangers
  • Conform all designs to specified standards
  • Perform elemental optimization in order to minimize size and weight of calculated equipment
  • Reveal potential operational problems of heat exchangers at design stage and/or in operation originating from improper thermal‑hydraulic design

3. What do we guarantee

  • We guarantee full thermal‑hydraulic functionality of the calculated equipment (i.e. that the calculated heat exchanger(s) will be able to transfer the required heat duty while keeping pressure drop of fluid(s) within specified limits), assuming the customer‑provided input data correspond with reality and our recommendations are adhered to


HTRI® Xchanger Suite® Calculations
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