Complex Supplies of Capital Equipments

While strengthening its position among important engineering companies on Czech market in its main and dominant fields, the company UNIS gradually moves towards suppliers of complete capital equipment in all professions and so the company becomes of full range of EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and EPCC (Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning).
It concerns elaboration of complete project documentation of Process, Mechanical, Civil, I&C and Electrical parts, supplies of equipment and erection, commissioning and start-up of the units including performance of guarantee tests. The services and activities are completed by an offer of pre-project planning (PPP) and engineering and technical advisory services. All and any processed projects are performed in compliance with contractually defined standards (e.g. ČSN, ANSI, DIN, ISO, IEC, GOST and others).

The company UNIS aims at projects realisation on „turn-key“ basis, i.e. on the basis of contracts of EPC or EPC-M. The EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) or EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction - Management) forms allow arrangement of complex realisation of the project from initial intention up to start-up while fulfilling the fixed schedule and fixed price according to a precisely defined subject.

As a general contractor, UNIS offers a comprehensive package of services from a single source, including assistance in securing customer financing.

Based on such realisation of capital equipment, it is possible to characterise the following as the main benefits for clients:

  • Arrangement of responsibility for Engineering, Procurement and Construction from a sole sources and consequent release of proper management for efficient fulfilment of own activities,
  • Complex solution of project requirements (Function of a General Designer),
  • Transfer of schedule and finance risks (fixed price) to the contractor,
  • Significant reduction of time from the initial intention to start-up,
  • Use of abilities that the client does not have,
  • Co-ordination of all the processes and activities in the course of the project as critical for fulfilment of time and financial parameters of realisation (Function of a General Contractor).
  • Long-term experience in co-operation with global licensors (Axens, UOP, GTC) in case of realization of units in the field of oil processing.
The UNIS company is ready to arrange the above stated complex supplies of capital equipment or their parts mainly in the following industrial branches:
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Processing
Petrochemical and Refining Industry
Heating and Power Industry

Mechanical Part and Technological Part

The solution of extensive orders, mainly in the field of oil&gas, chemistry and power industry lead to establishment of mechanical - technological section, solving the following matters within the company:
  • Control of production drawings and documentation, production process in compliance with required standards and implementation project from the point of view of real connection,
  • Checking the important technological operations,
  • Performance of pressure tests and finally preparation for transport to the construction site.

Piping Design Part

Elaboration of complex design documentation of piping systems, with usual classification as follows:
  • Design of piping systems according to the standard GOST, ASME, EN in the BD (Basic Design) and DD (Detail Design) phases,
  • Construction of atypical piping parts,
  • Piping classes on the basis of technological and material parameters of piping,
  • Design of piping branches in consideration of heat dilation calculations,
  • Co-ordination of design activities between departments on the basis 3D-model in design software Aveva PDMS,
  • Isometric drawings,
  • Material specifications,
  • Piping disposition drawings,
  • Arrangement of author´s supervision in construction realization.

Construction Part

The main work contents of the construction design is processing the documentation of construction part and steel structures as a part of made-to-order projects in the field of oil processing, petro chemistry and power industry. Job description of the department:
  • Processing of project documentation on all the levels of project documentation, including:
    • Situation, co-ordination plans and general plans of plants,
    • Architectonic and construction solution of construction objects and operation sets,
    • Design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures using the program Autodesk Advance Concrete,
    • Design of steel structures using the program Tekla Structures,
    • Sanitary and technical installations of buildings,
    • Underground systems of sewerage and water distribution mains,
    • Heating of objects and construction air conditioning,
    • Internal roads and surfaces in a plant.
  • Co-operation in co-ordination of design activity by and between the professions and external specialisations.,
  • Realisation of author´s supervision in construction performance.

Industrial Automation

The company UNIS, a.s. supplies systems for the whole range of industrial automation. In continuous and non-continuous processes covers the extent of tasks from simple independent regulation circuits or devices through automatic control of functional groups up to complex solutions of technologic sets.

Automation of continuous technologic processes is most frequently solved in classic and nuclear power industry, chemistry and petro-chemistry. In the field of non-continuous (batch) technological processes these include production equipment in pharmaceutical, foodstuff industry and special chemistry. Other areas for use of automation include mechanical engineering, automotive industry, glass industry, production of building materials, environmental protection, etc.
In the course of realisation, the company UNIS, a.s. covers all the stages of the life cycle, including mainly:
  • analysis
  • design
  • implementation
  • tests and trial operation
  • validation
  • training
  • technical support
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service

Fields of application

The course of realisation (life cycle) of all the orders from the contract signature up to hand-over to users follows binding rules set on the basis of the standards or customer requirements.

The company UNIS works winh other standards as well, including:

Application of industrial automation in power engineering and heating industry

UNIS has long-term experience in control of technological units in the power industry branch. The basic power industry equipment includes steam boilers of classic or fluid type, condensation steam turbines with one or more take-offs amd thos of counter-pressure type.

The most extensive applications include power plant blocks. The efforts of manufacturers of technological equipment for power industry lead to development in production of a device with high efficiency rate, based on use of waste heat in steam and hot water boilers on the basis of steam-gas cycles. The existing sources are completed with technologies for the quantity of harmful emissions. These include de-sulphuring, de-dusting, de-nitrification, etc.
The experience of the company UNIS also includes the area of electric power distribution control, representing a wide spectrum of low, high and extra high voltage distribution stations. The top of the control technology in the field of production and supplies of electric power includes the properly developed system for control of production and consumption of electric power (PMS – Power Management System).

The area of power units with participation of the company UNIS also includes the communal waste incineration process management.

Application of industrial automation in Chemistry and Petro-chemistry

In the course of its history, the company UNIS participated in technological units control, including:
  • hydrocracking
  • distillation colonies in atmospheric or vacuum version
  • termocracking
  • stabilisation of petrol
  • fluid catalytic crack
  • visbreaking
  • production of H2SO4 and H3PO4
  • production of styrene
  • production of hydrogen
  • production of aluminium
  • hydrogenation de-sulphurisation of medium distillates
  • furnaces for material heating
  • mazute gasifying
  • fractionalisation Unit
  • sour water stripper
  • amine treating unit (MEA)
  • hydrotreating complex
  • reforming unit vcooling water unit
  • sulphur recovery unit
  • concentration of propan-propylene
  • residue hydrocrack EFPA
  • burner management system for boiler
  • izomerization unit
  • nitrid acid unit and ammonium nitrate
  • Modular Unit

Application of industrial automation in Pharmacy and special Chemistry

Mainly in the course of recent years, the activities of the company UNIS have aimed at solutions of automation tasks in production of pharmaceuticals and in batch production in general (that means pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry and special chemistry). The requirements on control in this field orient mainly at exact monitoring and documenting of all the production steps.

All projects are standardly solved in accordance with GAMP4, validated and prepared for audit of regulatory bodies (FDA, SÚKL, SZPI, etc.)

Application of industrial automation in Production of Building Materials and Glass Industry

In the course of its history, the company UNIS encountered solutions of automation tasks even in the field of construction materials production. It concerned production of basic raw materials like cement as well as finished products, e.g. porous (hollow) concrete or glazed sheeting.

In the field of glass production, the company UNIS participated mainly in control of glass tanks and preparation of glass stone. Measuring and control equipment arranges permanent melting of glass substance for the whole service life of the glass tank.
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