Quality policy:
Thanks to long tradition, technological innovation and permanent development, the company UNIS successfully produces reliable products in top quality.

The main goal of UNIS is to provide a satisfied customer with the most up-to-date equipment for monitoring production process effectively. This can only be achieved by a permanent quality assurance and excellence at all levels and all stages of project implementation.
The basic quality policy aims of UNIS are as follows:
  • Continual improvement of all activities resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Active control of improving process inside the organization, negotiation with customers, suppliers and with others
  • Continual training, intensification and extension of knowledge and skills for all employees
  • Onvolving all employees in our quality improvement system
On the basis of increasing competitiveness and offering services to customers in adequate quality led the company UNIS in 1995 to create a quality management system in accordance with standards of ISO 9001 certification. Since 2008 led UNIS to implementation of information security management system in accordance with standard ISO/IEC 27001 and IT service management system in accordance with standard ISO/IEC 20000-1.
ISO 9001
ISO 20000-1
ISO 27001
СТБ ISO 9001
Approval certificate for development on civil aviation
Approval certificate for aircraft parts and appliances production
Certificate for project in the military field
Certificate of type code for switchboard manufacture
NSA Verification


The HSE Policy is established in relation to its targets, requirements and needs of customers, nature of HSE risks and impacts on the environment, that is forms an integral part of the Integrated company policy.
The HSE Policy is a declaration of the company management based on the following principles:
  • Our top priority is to satisfy our customers with focus on current development of technologies during planning and execution of contracts putting accent on safe and healthy working environment and working conditions for our employees
  • Manage and execute all our activities in compliance with applicable Czech and European legislation
  • Create quality working conditions for our employees by means of training and further education that are essential for provision of professional and quality services
  • Caring for social security, living and working environment and OHSAS is a part of our company development strategy. Use the training system to increase awareness and knowledge within the integrated management system with emphasis on prevention in risk reduction.
  • Recover waste as much as possible by waste sorting, recycling and disposal of non-utilizable waste in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Prevent environmental pollution, comply with applicable environmental, legal and other requirements and comply with current legislation related to occupational safety and health
The intention of the company to meet the requirements of investors to ensure a high level of safety, health and environmental protection, with a focus on continuous improvement and risk assessment, SCC certification has been awarded to the company that fulfills HSE requirements.
The SCCP Certificate Safety Certificate Contractors) is an international standard of safe suppliers for safety, health and environmental management for the petrochemical industry.

Licenses for designing in Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation

General Designer in Russian Federation.
Admission to the construction of industrial plants in Russian Federation.
Attest to exercise the functions of the contractor, the provision of engineering services in the construction and the right to exercise the functions of the general designer the Ministry of Architecture Republic of Belarus
Designing in the field of industrial safety of the Republic of Belarus
Designing in the field of fire safety of the Republic of Belarus.
The right to process projects of technological processes and production in the environment with danger of explosion (chemical, petrochemical and refining industry) in the Republic of Belarus


LRQA and company UNIS celebrate 25 years’ excellence in quality management. LRQA ISO 9001 certification helps UNIS deliver continual improvement and increased levels of customer satisfaction for 25 years.
Certificate CZECH Stability Award evaluates company UNIS for 2017 as excellent, it is the best achievable rating. The company is now among the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.
UNIS, a.s. was successful in the 22nd year of the Exporter of the Year competition in the category “Best Export Transactions Supported by the State - CEB and EGAP Prizes”.
Certificate CZECH Stability Award evaluates company UNIS for 2016 as excellent, it is the best achievable rating. The company is now among the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.
Company UNIS obtained award Company of year 2012 at 10th public inquiry Brno TOP 100. Organizers of public inquiry evaluated hundred most considerable persons, companies and non-profit companies from Brno. For company UNIS it is second award, first award obtained in 2003.
The Low-emission Micro-turbine Electric Power Supply (NETZ) developed by a consortium of Czech companies (UNIS, PBS Velká Bíteš, VUES and VUT Brno) was awarded with the Gold Medal at Brno’s 45th International Engineering Fair in the category of Power Engineering.
At Prague´s 2nd International Exhibition of General Aviation in May 2002 UNIS won the Grand Prix prize for the most complex offer of customer services.
At Brno´s 43rd International Engineering Fair UNIS´s System of Aviation Modules won gold medal in the category Electronics, Automation and Measurement equipment.
In competition with innovative technology from 207 companies from 26 countries, Unis, a software development tools vendor, proudly announced that its Processor Expert technology had won The 2001 IST Prize Award at Europe's most prestigious technology award contest.
In 1998, UNIS was listed as one of the 100 Czech Top Admired Companies.
Our focus on innovation and professionalism led in 1996 to winning the Czech Republic Quality Award in the category of enterprises up to 250 employees.
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