Complex Supplies of Capital Equipment

The company UNIS, a.s. is a typical E/P/C contractor, capable of management of complete Investment Package deliveries, from Feasibility Studies, through Detail Engineering elaboration – including EIA – down to Design, Manufacturing, Delivery and Erection of all principal equipment and machinery. We are active mainly as an E/P/C contractor responsible for entire projects, but also offering subcontractor services. Our annual turnover is approx. € 55 millions.

The company UNIS, a.s. services include also the author, construction and erection supervisions pertaining to our field of engineering activities. There are skillful specialists in our team for the phase of realized projects, e.g. for Precommissioning and Commissioning stages including assistance at startup and test run carry out.

The company UNIS, a.s. is ready to arrange the above stated complex supplies of capital equipment or their parts mainly in the following industrial segments:

  • petro-chemistry and chemistry
  • heating and power industry
  • ecology
  • pharmacy and biotechnology
  • glass production
  • plastics & rubber
  • machinery & tooling
  • metal stamping shop