Mechanical, Technological and Construction Part

Mechanical Part and Technological Part

The solution of extensive orders, mainly in the field of oil&gas, chemistry and power industry lead to establishment of mechanical - technological section, solving the following matters within the company:
  • Design of a process units,
  • Design of process control and following production of technological and mechanic-technological schemes (PFDs and P&IDs), by the help of AVERA P&ID software,
  • Material and heat balance with using simulation PRO/II and ProMax software,
  • Heat-Hydraulic designs equipment for heat transfer through HTRI software,
  • Processing of implementation project using 3D graphic and projection program PDMS,
  • Control of production drawings and documentation, production process in compliance with required standards and implementation project from the point of view of real connection,
  • Checking the important technological operations,
  • Performance of pressure tests and finally preparation for transport to the construction site.

Piping Design Part

Elaboration of complex design documentation of piping systems, with usual classification as follows:
  • Design of piping systems according to the standard GOST, ASME, EN in the BD (Basic Design) and DD (Detail Design) phases,
  • Construction of atypical piping parts,
  • Piping classes on the basis of technological and material parameters of piping,
  • Design of piping branches in consideration of heat dilation calculations,
  • Co-ordination of design activities between departments on the basis 3D-model in design software Aveva PDMS,
  • Isometric drawings,
  • Material specifications,
  • Piping disposition drawings,
  • Arrangement of author´s supervision in construction realization.

Construction Part

The intention of the company to process complex project documentation for investment and partial projects was a stimulus for establishment of the department of construction design within the engineering and technological section. The main work contents of the construction design is processing the documentation of construction part and steel structures as a part of made-to-order projects in the field of oil processing, petro chemistry and power industry. Job description of the department:
  • Processing of project documentation on all the levels of project documentation, including:
    • Situation, co-ordination plans and general plans of plants,
    • Architectonic and construction solution of construction objects and operation sets,
    • Design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures using the program Autodesk Advance Concrete,
    • Design of steel structures using the program Tekla Structures,
    • Sanitary and technical installations of buildings,
    • Underground systems of sewerage and water distribution mains,
    • Heating of objects and construction air conditioning,
    • Internal roads and surfaces in a plant.
  • Co-operation in co-ordination of design activity by and between the professions and external specialisations.,
  • Realisation of author´s supervision in construction performance.