Power Industry and Heating

UNIS has long-term experience in control of technological units in the power industry branch. The basic power industry equipment includes steam boilers of classic or fluid type, condensation steam turbines with one or more take-offs amd thos of counter-pressure type. The most extensive applications include power plant blocks. The efforts of manufacturers of technological equipment for power industry lead to development in production of a device with high efficiency rate, based on use of waste heat in steam and hot water boilers on the basis of steam-gas cycles. The existing sources are completed with technologies for the quantity of harmful emissions. These include de-sulphuring, de-dusting, de-nitrification, etc.

The experience of the company UNIS also includes the area of electric power distribution control, representing a wide spectrum of low, high and extra high voltage distribution stations. The top of the control technology in the field of production and supplies of electric power includes the properly developed system for control of production and consumption of electric power (PMS – Power Management System).

The area of power units with participation of the company UNIS also includes the communal waste incineration process management.