The company's intention to meet the requirements of investors to ensure a high level of safety, health and environmental protection, with a focus on continuous improvement and risk assessment, was to join the SCC certification of a company that fulfills this area.

The obtained Certificate of SCCP (Safety Certificate Contractors) is an international standard of suppliers professing safety, health and environmental management in the petrochemical industry.

HSE policy is a statement of the company's management based on the following principles:
  • Our top priority is to satisfy our customers with focus on current development of technologies during planning and execution of contracts putting accent on safe and healthy working environment and working conditions for our employees.
  • Manage and execute all our activities in compliance with applicable Czech and European legislation.
  • Create quality working conditions for our employees by means of training and further education that are essential for provision of professional and quality services.
  • Caring for social security, living and working environment and OHSAS is a part of our company development strategy.
  • Use the training system to increase awareness and knowledge within the integrated management system with emphasis on prevention in risk reduction.
  • Recover waste as much as possible by waste sorting, recycling and disposal of non-utilizable waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Prevent environmental pollution, comply with applicable environmental, legal and other requirements and comply with current legislation related to occupational safety and health.