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Please note that due to our Christmas holidays, the business activities of UNIS, a.s. will be limited from December 27th to 30th 2022.

Thank you for understanding and we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2023.



The trial operation of the Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) was completed at the Belarusian refinery "Naftan" on 21 October 2022. The unit was in the integrated testing phase since January 2022. During this time, work was carried out to eliminate the identified deviations in the operation of the process equipment and to adjust the operating parameters. During this time, the unit produced 617,000 tonnes of tar and asphalt and more than 360,000 tonnes of liquid petroleum products, including 219 tonnes of diesel.

The start-up of the coking complex at the Naftan refinery increased the depth of oil processing to 92% and the production of light oil products to 73%. A significant economic effect was thus achieved.

This large-scale project brought together some 700 contractors. UNIS contributed by handling the design work, localizing the entire project documentation to Belarusian standards and the client's internal rules, including telecommunication processing, evaluating the bids for HVAC and field instrumentation and completing all drawings related to the electrical part.

In addition to these activities on the main unit, UNIS, as the main designer and contractor, was involved in the construction of the liquefied gas cleaning unit of the Mercaptans Delayed Coking Unit (MEROX) and became the equipment supplier for the auxiliary plant (offsites) of the DCU. The coking complex would not have been without the MEROX unit and other related facilities. The MEROX unit was implemented under a UOP licence. All our work has been completed and successfully handed over in the autumn of 2021.



UNIS, in cooperation with its subsidiary UNIS Power, has successfully delivered a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) to the German paper mill UPM Nordland Papier in Dörpen. Nordland Papier belongs to the Finnish UPM Group. The HRSG is part of a highly efficient new combined cycle, which is built to secure electrical power supply independently to public grid and to replace old boilers supplying technological steam for paper machines.

The steam generator works in horizontal design, with a support structure integrated into freestanding boiler modules filled with rows of tubes, called 'harps', forming the heating surface of the boiler. It is a single-pressure system with a pipe burner installed between the superheater bundles. The special burner arrangement allows the steam output parameters to be maintained in all operating cases required by paper machines. The paper mill has gained a more modern and much more efficient source of electricity, which will also significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the air.

During August 2022, the HRSG underwent a 30-day test run including verification tests of the guaranteed parameters. On 1st September according the Contract, the boiler was handed over to the customer for commercial operation.



Dear business partners,
We would like to inform you that UNIS, a.s. has won the tender for the complete supply of EPC project "UPGRADING BASRAH REFINERY Continuous Catalyst Regenerative (CCR) Capacity 17000 BPSD & Whole Naphtha Hydrotreating (NHT) Capacity 31000 BPSD. On February 15, 2022, a Contract was signed between Ministry of Oil, SOUTH REFINERIES COMPANY (SRC) and a consortium consisting of UNIS, a.s. and Ministry of Oil, Oil Projects Company (SCOP).
The project will be implemented within 43 months from theEffective Date of of the Contract and the contract price amounts to 240 million Euro. The technology is based on a license from company Axens.




UNIS is involved in the production and distribution of the waste-to-construction line through a recycling process.

UNIS Capital a.s. signed in August 2021 with SMART TECHNIK a.s. and ANACOT CAPITAL a.s. business partnership agreement on waste processing and waste management.

The result of this business partnership agreement was the establishment of company LISA TECH a.s. co-owned by each of these companies. This company distributes and sells of a unique waste processing line.

Technologically, it is a transformation of waste material (ligno - cellulose material - paper, low density polyethylene - LDPE, Tetra Pak) into construction material based on the physical and chemical properties of the material. Waste processing is performed only by physical processes without the use of added adhesives or similar binders. No waste is generated during transformation, all cuttings and sawdust are returned to the process. At the end of their service life, the building boards produced in this way can be transformed again by the same process.

Specifically, processed waste is not dangerous, it is waste from the production of food and packaging materials, which ensures hygienic safety. Partial contamination does not change the character of the safe product, as the waste is processed under high temperatures.

The final product (building board) is water resistant, meets the non-flammability condition and has excellent mechanical properties, strength and flexibility.

UNIS provides the line with its own part of the control system, a series of sensors for automated operation and power supply.

The line recycles 18 tons of waste per day, of which 1,200 m2 of board is produced. If we compare the final product with a wooden OSB board, we save 18 tons of wood material every day. Thanks to the inexpensive production raw material, the return on investment is only three years.

LISA TECH a.s. follows the references of SMART TECHNIK a.s. (Iowa, USA; Philadelphia, USA; Connecticut, USA; Hamilton, New Zealand and Milevsko, Czech Republic) and at the end of 2021 it recorded its first successes. It sells lines to Australia and in early 2022 to Sweden.
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