Construction of a municipal waste incinerator

The modern concept of the incinerator uses proven procedures for the treatment of flue gases and process water, so it goes without saying that it meets all applicable Czech and equivalent European limits for emitted pollutants.

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End user:
Termizo, a.s. Liberec, CZ

The technology used corresponds to the experience of the renowned Swiss company Von Roll AG. The construction was carried out in cooperation with Škoda TS, a. s., Plzeň. The operator of the Liberec incinerator for the energy recovery of municipal waste is Termizo, a.s.

The plant has been operating reliably at full capacity since 2000. It produces thermal energy from 96,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year, which provides for the needs of 13,000 households and generates electricity for 3,000 households in the Liberec region.

The main share of solid waste is made up of spent slag coming out of the boiler together with cleaned ash separated from the flue gas. This waste has no hazardous properties but must be disposed of in a landfill of other waste. To minimise solid waste, a selected mixture of slag from the washed ash is used in the construction industry.

Overall, the amount of waste produced was reduced by 96%. The return on investment was in the order of months.

By applying this project, approximately 36 000 tonnes of reclamation material can be used annually as a substitute for primary construction materials and up to 1300 tonnes of scrap iron can be recycled into smelters.


UNIS acted in this project as a subcontractor of the technological equipment of the construction. In the parts of control system, I&C and power current we prepared the implementation project for Škoda TS, a. s., supplied the equipment including accompanying technical documentation, provided installation and commissioning.

The project fully meets the priorities of environmental protection, uses the maximum amount of waste materials and thus saves primary natural resources. A modern municipal waste incinerator contributes not only economically but also environmentally in its energy use.