To achieve the set goals, we are continuously developing. We improve our technological processes to make the production of industrial products more efficient and thus contribute to the improvement of the environment.

For all projects we implement, we strive to ensure that negative environmental impacts do not exceed the established limits. We design the process technology in the refinery in such a way that the contamination of chemicals into the wastewater does not exceed the permitted amounts. The same applies to the levels of emissions to air. We ensure the disposal of waste from the plant, which, in addition to debris, metallic materials, also contains hazardous waste. And we regulate noise levels during operation. This must not exceed the applicable legal hygiene values.

Today's technological processes are so efficient that an average improvement of up to 29% can be noted in all criteria compared to the original state before reconstruction. These are very good indicators and there is no need to worry about exceeding the strict criteria.

Among the completed projects that directly contribute to improving the environmental situation, we can include our references in municipal waste incineration, wastewater treatment plants and processes for the transformation and further use of recycled waste.

In all our projects, whether they are in the oil and gas processing or energy sectors, we make it a priority to ensure that our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible and that the environment is protected. This is evidenced by our established policies, which are incorporated into our internal company guidelines, and the HSE (SCCP) certification for projects in the petrochemical industry, which is the internationally recognized standard for safety, health and environmental protection.